By AMIA Focal correspondent from RFO 11, Chum Fernandez.

Moments in the Davao CRA AMIA Villages : Learning Climate and Approaches in Upland Water Development Systems, Technologies & Strategies through a Davao-based Expert & Consultant, Forester Dan Mitchao during the weekly Climate Resilient Field School, at the cooperators farm site at Brgy. Tamugan, Marilog District, under Suawan Kulafu subwatershed, a project area under Regional & Davao City Convergence Initiative and Climate Resilient Agriculture AMIA . This project has been brought to you through the support of DA-BAR, DASWCCO, DARFOXI,City of Davao and RCI &DCCI. Great thanks also to Davao Region Central Experiment Station c/o Sir Aga for lending the rover vehicle. (October 15,2018)