The DA-Climate Resilience Agriculture Office (CRAO) yesterday met with officials and staff from the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction (IIRR) to discuss the plan to document the lessons learned, good practices, innovations, and success stories of the Adaptation and Mitigation Initiative in Agriculture (AMIA) Villages nationwide.

DA CRAO Director Alicia G. Ilaga welcomed IIRR Senior Asia Program Advisor Julian F. Gonsalves, Ph.D., and Philippine Country Director Emilita Monville Oro, along with other members of their team, and shared the latest updates on the implementation of the DA AMIA Program, specifically the establishment of AMIA Villages.

For their part, IRRI shared the progress of their ongoing operations in Guinayangan, Quezon, and Ivisan, Capiz, under the Building Systemic Resilience against Climate Variability and Extremes (ClimBeR) initiative, a three-year initiative (2022-2024) led by CGIAR. The IIRR-ClimBeR project seeks to generate further evidence on the contribution of small farms to sustainable and resilient food systems by studying the work of IIRR and its partners in implementing climate-smart villages (CSVs) and climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in the Philippines.