DA Climate Resilient Agriculture Office (CRAO) Director Alicia Ilaga on September 14, 2023, briefed experts from the World Bank on CRAO’s work in mainstreaming climate resilience in the agriculture sector and the potential to tap into carbon finance.
During the meeting, Dir. Ilaga emphasized how the developed AMIA Decision Support Tools, such as the National Color-Coded Agricultural Guide (NCCAG) Map and the Climate Information Services (CIS), aided farmers in dealing with the risks associated with climate change.
The exploratory meeting also tapped opportunities for carbon financing and strategic technical assistance on CRAO’s projects, such as the Climate Risk Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) for Aquaculture and CIS.
Present at the meeting were Ms. Mio Takada, World Bank Senior Agriculture Economist, and Ms. Paula Beatrice Macandog. Joining Dir. Ilaga were CRAO Planning Officer, Mr. Michael Barbosa, and Project Development Officer, Zelzo Dela Cruz.