Agriculture and Fisheries
Country Profile

  • Philippines ranks among the countries most at risk to the impacts of Climate-related hazards.
  • Agriculture and Fisheries are the most exposed sectors contributing 9% of GDP (PSA, 2015) and 27% of employment (PSA, 2016).
  • 35% of farmers and fisherfolk in the Philippines are considered poor (PSA, 2015)

Climate-Resilient Agriculture (CRA)
in the Philippines

In addition to the CRVA, we also wanted to take stock of challenges facing the agricultural sector and potential solutions, prioritizing practices for each key production system, that are most promising in adapting to climate change, enhancing resilience and reducing/removing emissions whenever possible.

Here you will see the preliminary portfolio of practices and their level of climate smartness as assessed through expert consultations.


Date Published: 2017-09-06 

Author(s): Dikitanan, Rowell 

                   Grosjean, Godefroy

                   Nowak, Andreea

                   Leyte, James