The Department of Agriculture (DA) Climate Resilient Agriculture Office (CRAO), together with the DA Adaptation and Mitigation Initiative in Agriculture (AMIA) Program regional teams, is strengthening its advocacy efforts promoting climate-resilient agriculture (CRA) to increase the resilience of the agri-fishery sector.

DA CRAO met with its AMIA regional communications focal points virtually on June 7, 2024, to discuss the preparation and implementation of its new CRA advocacy campaign plan, #CRAdvocacy. The campaign aims to raise awareness and understanding of CRA and the AMIA’s efforts in building climate-resilient communities, livelihoods, and enterprises. It seeks to positively influence decisions of more farmer-cooperators to adopt CRA technologies and approaches, and inspire actions and generate strong support from stakeholders for the DA’s CRA initiatives.

The campaign will issue advocacy communication materials on the different concepts related to climate change as well as on the various CRA practices that can be adopted based on climate risks. It will also highlight the different decision-support tools developed by CRAO under AMIA, including the Climate Risk Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA), National Color-Coded Agricultural Guide (NCCAG) Map, and Climate Information Service (CIS), as well as the program’s stories of resilience from the field.

The campaign will start in July and will culminate in the celebration of the 2024 National Climate Change Consciousness Week in November. ###