The AMIA Program envisions the Philippines where all communities, especially those dependent on agriculture and fisheries, would become resilient to the increasing adverse effects of climate change. In pursuit of this vision, the program has set up communities called AMIA Villages, which serve as “go-to places” or lighthouses where farmers learn different climate resilient agriculture practices and technologies, helping them avoid, adjust, and recover from the impacts of climate change. 

AMIA Village

An AMIA Village is a testing ground for adaptation and mitigation initiatives and a breeding ground for institutional linkages that will promote and sustain a climate-resilient village made so with the provision of tailor-fitted and integrated government support services. It serves as lighthouses or go-to places for other communities to learn from and emulate, and where technological and institutional innovations are introduced so that these villages may have access to climate-relevant support services.


Community-Level Climate-Resilient Agri-fisheries Technologies
Climate Information Service
Computer-Aided Decision-Making Technology
Links to Market
Training on CCA and DRR- Productivity Enhancing Practices and Technologies
Easy Access to Credit and Affordable Insurance
181 AMIA Villages Map