Welcome to our Website!

At a glance, you will be able to see the achievements of the program, our aims and objectives, and of course, a reminder why we are doing this in the first place. 

We want to increase the resilience of farming and fishing communities to climate change, and ultimately, contribute in uplifting our farmers and fisherfolk from poverty. 

The information, which we have harvested together with our partners and experts since the program’s inception, will all be made available here and can be freely accessed by anyone with an Internet connection.

The DA-AMIA website goes for a clean and professional look, but at the same time, it is also user-friendly and veers away from the traditional.

Our display is also optimized for access not only on computers but also through tablets, smartphones, SmartTVs, and other platforms available to the public. We want to make the website to be as accessible as possible.

As the website continues to grow, more resources will be uploaded for free access here, such as our policy studies, special studies, and decision support tools.

The website also serves as a direct line to the program team, where our contact details are available and where anyone can send a message directly to us. Our online presence goes beyond this website, as we are also present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Our credible, professional and engaging online presence involved a lot of work and patience, care of our knowledge management teams from the DA SWCCO and UPLBFI, as well as our friends from DA SAAD and ICTS.

With this website, we are hoping to reach and inspire more Filipinos, and gain partners and advocates in transforming Philippine agriculture and fisheries into a climate-resilient sector. Thank you very much and let’s spread the news about AMIA!