The Climate Change Act of 2009 (RA 9729) mandates the

“mainstreaming of Climate Change in policy formulation such that policies and measures that address climate change are integrated in development planning
and sectoral decision-making.”

We have Four Strategic Objectives
for the AMIA Program

Increase the
Adaptive Capacity
and Productivity potentials
of Agriculture and Fisheries livelihood

Redefine the Strategic Agricultural Fisheries Development Zone (SAFDZ)

Redefine Agricultural Development Planning Framework

Develop a new framework
and plan for the provision of a "new" government agricultural services

modifying commodity combinations to better meet weather issues and natural resource endowments.

Including Climate Change Vulnerabilities as part of mapping variables.

As the basis for agricultural planning by including key factors/variables associated with Climate Change.

 Towards the accelerated development of Climate Smart Agriculture and Fisheries Industries.


The Four Strategic Objectives are made to make the Department of Agriculture’s Plans and Programs to become Climate Change Compliant or Climate-Proof.

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